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System Administration Department

The Department of System Administration began in the year 2007. We have 6 dedicated independent servers working coherently. Among these, 6 IBM servers, 3 servers have a configuration of 2 GB RAM, the other 2 servers have a configuration of 6GB RAM and another server has a configuration of 8GB RAM. These servers have HDD ranging from 500 GB to 2 TB. The department consists of Windows Server, Linux Server, and Xen Server for the effective utilization of resources.

The Department owns 6 different servers which are created, deployed and maintained separately in our Institution as File Server, Web Server, Mail Server, License Server, Cadence and Tally Server. We provide separate storage space for all staff and students for storing and retrieving data in the file server in highly authenticated manner.

The network infrastructure in the institution consists of checkpoint firewall and CISCO router.

Internet connectivity is provided inside the campus with 75−Mbps which is implemented in broadband and leased line to all the departments, hostel through Wi-Fi and local area network, which provides the opportunity to stay updated with latest Information.

Queries can be mailed to [email protected]


S.No Name Designation
1Mr.Moorthi R, BCA, DCSE, MCITP System Administrator
2Mr.Keerthivasan S, MCA,ME.,Lab Instructor